The Eckington Civic Association (ECA) promotes the civic welfare of Eckington.

The ECA is a membership organization that promotes the civic welfare of Eckington, a community in northeast Washington, D.C. We are run by volunteers and depend on your participation and support to fulfill our mission. The most valuable contribution you can make is joining our organization and attending our monthly meetings and events when you are able. We are always looking for neighbors who want to help us continue making Eckington a wonderful place to live.

What we do:

Advocate for Eckington

We advocate for Eckington before every level of DC’s government–including our local Advisory Neighborhood Commission, the D.C. Council, the Mayor, and the agencies that report to her. Our recent work has included advocacy for safer streets and intersections for all users, violence prevention and other public safety measures, as well as amendments to D.C.’s Comprehensive Plan to encourage higher density uses of transit and trail-adjacent spaces.

Comment on zoning & Permitting

The ECA plays an informal role in the city’s zoning and permitting process. Individuals or entities that seek zoning changes, relief from zoning requirements, or other permitting issues that impact Eckington often present to the ECA for feedback or to get our approval or disapproval. The ECA’s feedback is then considered by Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 5E, which can offer an opinion that is given great weight by the D.C. agency that makes a final determination.

Connect Eckingtonians

We look for ways to bring Eckington neighbors together by organizing community cleanups, social gatherings, and other events. We share news about matters of local concern, including by running a neighborhood google group. We strive to build relationships with community partners that also serve our neighborhood. In late 2019, we helped create Eckington Parks & Arts, a sister organization that’s mission is to activate and beautify Eckington’s public spaces.


We are no substitute for D.C. agencies or charitable organizations that provide services and aid to Eckington residents in need; however, we are always willing to help. Often times, that involves helping ensure reasonable complaints and grievances reach the right people. We may be able to help you or someone you know connect with an agency or organization that can help address an unmet need. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you need help.