Welcome to the Eckington Civic Association (ECA)
where “Caring for Our Community” matters

The purpose of the Eckington Civic Association is to promote the civic welfare (to include, but not be limited to, social, economic, environmental, public safety, quality of life, and heritage issues/concerns) within the Eckington neighborhood of the District of Columbia.

Learn all about the upcoming Eckington Day on October 28 here!

Eckington neighborhood boundaries:
(a) The northern boundary is the south side of Rhode Island Avenue NE;
(b) The eastern boundary is the railroad tracks;
(c) The southern boundary is the northernmost side of Florida Avenue, NE and New York Ave NE; and
(d) The western boundary is the east side of North Capitol Street NE.

Map of Eckington Boundaries

Eckington shown in shaded red area