On January 10, 2020, the Eckington Civic Association submitted a letter D.C.’s Office of Planning asking it to reconsider its decision not to recommend for inclusion in the Comprehensive Plan several map amendments (tracking numbers 2416.1, 2416.2, 2416.3, 2419.1, 2419.2, and 2419.3) and one text amendment (tracking number 1702) that the ECA proposed in 2017. 

ECA’s proposed map amendments can be viewed here and here, and its original set of proposed text amendments can be viewed here. The Office of Planning has already proposed adopting some of the ECA’s proposed amendments, and the ECA is only requesting reconsideration of proposed policy Policy MC-2.8.2 (OP tracking number 1702).

The ECA’s letter asserts that the Office of Planning erred in concluding that these requested changes were inconsistent with completed plans or policy documents or “inappropriate,” and are requesting that the Office of Planning reconsider. The ECA’s letter further argues that that the ECA’s proposed amendments are entirely consistent with the Mayor and Office of Planning’s stated goal of increasing more housing in the District and in the Mid City. 

Finally, the ECA’s letter asks the Office of Planning could clarifywhat aspects of the ECA’s submissions were “inappropriate,” so that we have an opportunity to address whatever procedural or substantive concerns that language is intended to reference.

ANC 5E previously gave unanimous support to the ECA’s proposed amendments. The ANC is slated to consider its own comments to the Office of Planning regarding the Comprehensive Plan amendments at its January meeting, and the ECA is asking its ANC commissioners, Cortney Segmen and Sylvia Pinkney, to support the requests made in our January 10, 2020 letter.