We know it’s hard to know who to contact when you need assistance. Here’s a handy guide.

DC 311

Filing a 311 request is the first step to accessing a lot of D.C. government services, from rodent abatement, to bulk trash pickup, to road striping and more. If you are having an issue with city services, please begin by filing a service request to see if it resolves your issue. There are many ways to submit a request, including calling “311”, going to https://311.dc.gov/citizen/home, downloading the DC 311 smartphone app, or tweeting at @311DCgov

The Mayor (via MOCRS)

The Mayor’s Office of Community Relations & Services (MOCRS) serves as the Mayor’s primary constituent services organization by responding to constituent requests, complaints, and questions. If you are experiencing issues with a city agency, MOCRS may be able to help resolve or escalate the matter. Contact Nokomis Hunter and Kyla Woods our Ward 5 MOCRS Liaisons. Nokomis.Hunter@dc.gov and kyla.woods1@dc.gov


Eckington’s ANC commissioners should be your first point of contact for most zoning and permitting matters. Eckington has two representatives on Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 5E: ANC 5E01 Commissioner Joyce Robinson-Paul (5E01@anc.dc.gov), ANC 5E02 Commissioner Karla M. Lewis (5E02@anc.dc.gov), and ANC 5E03 Commissioner Phil Carver (5E03@anc.dc.gov).
Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 5F: ANC 5F05 Commissioner Joyce Robinson-Paul (5F05@anc.dc.gov), ANC 5F06 Commissioner Karla M. Lewis (5F06@anc.dc.gov), and ANC 5F07 Commissioner Phil Carver (5F07@anc.dc.gov). The ECA endeavors to coordinate with our ANC officials on other matters when possible.

Councilmember Parker

Ward 5 Councilmember Zachary Parker should be your primary point of contact regarding legislative matters. His office can also be a resource to navigate issues with city agencies or with the ANC. Council Member Parker represents Ward 5, including Eckington. The best way to reach the office for an urgent request or to note your support/opposition to legislation is to call (202) 724-8076. For other matters, please email Sam Bonar, Constituent Services Coordinator, at sbonar@dccouncil.gov or Conor Shaw, Deputy Chief of Staff, at cshaw@dccouncil.gov

Other Councilmembers

Keep in mind that you also have five other representatives on the DC Council who hold at-large seats and also may be able to assist you. They are currently: Chairman Phil Mendelson; Kenyan McDuffie; Anita Bonds; Christina Henderson; and Robert White, Jr. You may also wish to contact other councilmembers who chair or serve on committees that have jurisdiction over the issue you are trying to address or the agency with which you are experiencing difficulties.

Violence interruptors

If you are concerned about potential violence in the neighborhood and it is not an emergency, please consider contacting Sean Magruder at Murder Free DC at seanmagruder@murderfreedc.org. In 2020, Murder Free DC began operating a violence interruption program through a grant issued through the Office of the Attorney General’s violence interruption program.

US! (The Eckington Civic Association)

The Eckington Civic Association (ECA) frequently helps to organize and advocate for residents on issues that impact the broader community. You can read more about our mission here. If you are experiencing an issue that you think merits the ECA’s attention or if you have a specific piece of advocacy that you would like the ECA to consider joining, please contact us at eckingtoncivic@gmail.com.


If you need police assistance immediately, call 911. If you have other inquiries for the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), you can contact the 5th District headquarters (which serves Eckington) at (202) 698-0150. If you have a concern about policing in the neighborhood, you can communicate that directly to MPD or to the appropriate citizens advisory council.


For issues concerning pedestrian, cyclist, or vehicle safety or truck volume/traffic on local roads place contact the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). You should reach out to Kelly Jeong-Olson, DDOT’s Ward 5 liaison, at Kelly.Jeong-Olson1@dc.gov. 


The Department of Buildings (DOB) is one of the District’s newest agencies. Its mission is to protect the safety of residents, businesses, and visitors and advance the development of the built environment through permitting, inspections, and code enforcement.

The Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection (DLCP) is one of the District’s newest agencies. Its mission is to protect the economic interests of residents, businesses, and visitors in the District of Columbia by licensing and regulating businesses and investigating and enforcing the Consumer Protection Procedures Act.

One of our community partners

One of our fantastic community partners may be of assistance. Be sure to check out other local organizations that are helping make Eckington a great place to live, work, and go to school.