Today, the Eckington Civic Association transmitted a letter to DDOT requesting major vehicle, pedestrian, and bike safety upgrades in and near Eckington. These requests are the result of the ECA’s vehicle, pedestrian, and bike safety survey that the ECA conducted in May. The submission of these requests was approved at the ECA’s June meeting. Residents will have an opportunity to weigh in on any major changes that DDOT pursues.

A google map of the ECA’s request, as well as DDOT’s proposals from the 2013 Mid City East Livability study, is available here.

In addition to the letter, the ECA submitted eight documents that identify specific issues with the corridors and intersections flagged in our letter. Those are available here: (1) Florida Avenue; (2) North Capitol Street; (3) R Street; (4) Eckington Place and Harry Thomas Way; (5) T Street; (6) 2nd and 3rd streets; (7) V street; and (8) Lincoln Road.

The ECA looks forward to working with DDOT to addressing these concerns and making our neighborhood safer for everyone, including motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.

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