On March 14, the Eckington Civic Association sent a letter to the Deputy Mayor’s Office for Planning and Development regarding the Engine 12 RFP. The letter encourages DMPED to choose a proposal for that site that: 

  1. Is all-affordable and has a significant percentage of units that are deeply affordable (30% area median income or less);
  2. Contains a significant number of family sized units (3 or more bedrooms); and
  3. Includes a DCPL branch library to serve Edgewood and Eckington.

In addition, the ECA letter asks that DMPED consider permanently relocating Engine 12 to another location within the service area instead of keeping it at this location and to coordinate with DCPL about its needs for library sites.

Finally, the ECA letter encourages DMPED, DCPL, and Mayor Bowser to coordinate this budget season to ensure that DCPL has funds available when needed to proceed with a library at this site. Last year’s budget funded an Edgewood/Eckington branch library in fiscal year 2024, but those funds should be moved forward to fiscal year 2023 if that is required for a branch library to be considered as part of the plans for the Engine 12 site.

Please find the full letter here.