Highlights from the February ECA Meeting have been posted.

In addition to voting to support advocacy with DDOT, Mayor Bowser, Councilmember McDuffie, Councilmember Trayon White, and DMPED, the ECA voted to set aside $3,000 in ECA funds for 2022 grants to fund projects, programs, or services that support improved environment and health, promote community engagement, support Eckington youth, or enhance traffic, biking, and pedestrian safety.

Please help us to get the word out about this grant opportunity by sharing this announcement with residents and organizations who may be interested. Please note that concepts are due at noon on March 14.

Please also fill out Councilmember McDuffie’s FY 2023 Budget Survey. We encourage you to ask the Councilmember to try to move forward Eckington/Edgewood library funding from FY 2024 to FY 2023, to fund a Ward 5 Circulator bus, to fund improvements to trail access along the MBT, and to fund better monitoring of industrial and other air pollution in Eckington, Brentwood, and similarly impacted neighborhoods.