Highlights from our first meeting of 2022 have been posted.

In this meeting, ECA members voted:

  • YES on previously discussed draft bylaw amendment to create “officer emeritus” position.
  • YES to submit FY 2023 budget request to advance environmental and equity issues in Eckington & across Ward 5, including: funds for Ward 5 sidewalk and tree box installations, development of a Ward 5 Circulator bus route, installation of continuous air monitoring in Ward 5’s industrial neighborhoods, and more resources for litter collection/removal.
  • YES to submit letter (to be drafted) to Ward 5 ANC redistricting committee:
    • Advocating for the breakup of ANC 5E, which currently includes Eckington, Bloomingdale, Edgewood, Stronghold and Truxton Circle, has over 25,000 residents, and would be comprised of at least 13 single member districts if its boundaries remained unchanged.
    • Expressing preference for Eckington to be part of a commission composed of approximately 7-8 commissioners, a size which is more amenable to stakeholder engagement.
    • Noting that Eckington now has approximately 7,000 residents according to the recent census and that there will be at least three and a half ANC commissioners representing our neighborhood at the conclusion of redistricting.
    • Advocating that to the extent possible, Eckington’s single member districts anticipate the growth of the neighborhood since the 2020 census (residents of Eckington Yards, Eckington 501, and Rhode Island Avenue development all will not figure into redistricting this cycle)

We also flagged a number of opportunities for members to contribute to the Eckington Community, including:

  • Join a short-term committee to establish and award community grants in 2022. Committee members will meet by phone in late January/early February to scope proposed purpose (tentatively relating to supporting organizations that serve Eckington and activities that promote community building, environmental improvements, safety, and opportunities for youth), criteria for grants, and other details for a request for proposals/evaluation process. We will seek to have candidates for ECA consideration by April. To join the committee, please email Taylor (taylor.eckingtoncivic@gmail.com).
  • Join our outreach & liaison committee to support ECA outreach within your building/block. This will include helping to get the word out about ECA and important news, as well as flagging hyperlocal concerns and priorities for the ECA.
  • Be on the lookout for an email from the ECA – expected in the next two weeks or so – with a request for input on 2022 budget priorities for the city. 

Our next meeting will be from 7-8:30 pm on Monday, February 14. We’ll be meeting virtually — feel free to bring your Valentine (or just wine and chocolate).