DDOT is proposing several changes to two streets to the immediate north of Langley Elementary and McKinley Technology High School to improve traffic flow and safety during school pick up and drop off. Three changes are being proposed:

  1. Permanent one-way eastbound on T St NE between Lincoln and 2nd St NE
    As you know, T St is currently designated for one-way eastbound operation between Lincoln Rd and Summit Pl during school hours only. DDOT’s one-way conversion study recommends that we make T St one-way eastbound permanently and extends it up to 2nd St NE to improve traffic flow.
  2. Contraflow bike lane along T St in addition to the one-way conversation
    DDOT recommends adding a contraflow bike lane because the existing road configuration is too narrow for two way traffic, but too wide for one way traffic, which may result in speeding problem. By adding a contraflow bike lane, we can prevent the problem while keeping parking on both sides.
  3. Todd Pl NE one-way westbound
    Todd Pl between Lincoln Rd and 2nd NE is currently a one-way eastbound. With proposed change on T St one-way, we will have two consecutive one-way streets eastbound. To improve traffic flow, DDOT recommends changing traffic direction on Todd Pl NE.

Please comment by emailing DDOT’s Ward 5 liaison, Kelly Jeong-Olson, at Kelly.Jeong-Olson1@dc.gov. You are welcome to cc: the civic association (eckingtoncivic@gmail.com) and reach out to us with questions.

DDOT has prepared a one-pager explaining the changes. An image of the one pager is posted below, and the document is also available for download here.

2 thoughts on “DDOT is accepting comments on proposed changes to T St. and Todd Pl. NE

  1. Can we please put the bike lane between the sidewalk and the parked cars. This then creates a barrier between the cars and bikes, and prevents cars from stopping in the bike lanes. This is usually done for more safty, it should be done here also. I do not like this current layout. We missed this opportunity when 3rd street was redone.


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