Eckington Day!

Join the Eckington Civic Association and your neighbors on Saturday, October 28, from 1-5pm.

The neighborhood party will be on Harry Thomas Way NE.


ECA day map 2

Get ready for food, games, and fun!

  • Costume contest for kids and pets including a grand prize of a live appearance on a children’s radio show
  • Live Music including DJ Spin
  • Free Food
  • Facepainting
  • Moonbounce for children
  • Potato Sack Race
  • Popcorn
  • Cotton Candy
  • Climb on a firetruck
  • Dog Petting Booth and Pet Supply Drive to donate to Lucky Dogs Rescue–   Visitors are encouraged visit and play with the pups.
  • Learning about Warning Signs and Intervention for Addiction/Substance Use Disorder
  • Free Bike Tune Ups from Gearin’ Up
  • Information on how bring trees and take care of trees from Casey Trees
  • Learn about upcoming developments and local businesses in the neighborhood

Learn about local businesses and organizations:

  • Boundary Company with STABLE Art and upcoming developments
  • DC Councilwoman Anita Bonds
  • Gearin’ Up Bicycles will be offering free tune-ups and giving away prizes
  • North Capitol Main Street will share their work to bring new life to our main street 
  • Anibal Saul Apunte Skateboard Dog Walking will be offering free dog training tips
  • Eckington Civic Association Outreach Committee will be connecting the community to the ECA
  • Eckington Civic Association Oral History will be collecting stories and history of Eckington
  • Foulger-Pratt Development will be providing insights on the upcoming Eckington developments on R and Harry Thomas Way
  • JBG will be discussing their upcoming developments including Eckington Yards
  • Mayor Bower’s Office
  • Metropolitan Police Department
  • RAP Treatment Center– warning signs of addiction
  • Qualia Coffee offering free samples
  • Wired Cycling
  • Woof Pack– Pet Supply Drive and Friendly Dog Petting Station

Big thanks to our sponsors and donors for helping to make this possible!

  • Anibal Saul Apunte Skateboard Dog Walking
  • Advisory Neighborhood Committee (ANC)
  • Boundary Companies
  • Casey Trees
  • DC Councilmember Anita Bonds
  • Eckington Civic Association
  • ECA Community Service Committee
  • ECA Oral History Committee
  • ECA Outreach Committee
  • FedEx
  • Foulger-Pratt
  • Gearin’ Up Bicycles
  • JBG
  • Loving our Neighbor Church
  • Mayor Bowser’s Office
  • McEnearney Associates Realtors
  • MRP Realty
  • North Capitol Main Street
  • Relife Treatment Home
  • S2 Development
  • Sirius XM
  • Super Liquors
  • Qualia Coffee
  • Woof Pack-
  • Yangs Market (138 U Street, NE)
  • Community Members:  Adam Duffy, Arun Dotson, Mike Mann

Eck Day logos3


Public Safety in Eckington

Hi neighbors,

The good news is that most crime in the 5th district, including violent crime and robberies, has been trending down. What type of crime is on the rise? Theft from auto.

You can find the May Theft from Auto report here: 5D_TFA_May03toJune2_30days_.

What can you do to prevent theft from your auto? Don’t leave valuables in your car – and when you do, make sure they’re not visible to anyone walking by and peering in windows.

Have a concern about crime in the neighborhood? You can always call the local Watch Commander who oversees tours in the area with any questions or concerns: 202-327-4392.


Stay safe, and don’t leave your valuable in plain view!


-Hannah Putman

ECA Recording Secretary

DC Comprehensive Plan – Proposed Eckington Ammendments

Hi neighbors,

The Eckington Civic Association’s Planning & Development committee recently gathered a group of interested Eckingtonians to discuss how we’d like to update the DC Comprehensive Plan to reflect the goals and ideals of our neighborhood.

You can read about the proposed edits to the existing plan here: District Elements_Volume II_Chapter 20_Text Updates.

You can read about proposed additions to the plan here: Eckington Comp Plan Amendments

These proposed changes will be discussed and voted upon at the Civic Association Meeting on Monday, May 1st. We hope to see you there!

DC Comprehensive Plan

DC’s comprehensive plan, which defines the vision for the city and guides development for our neighborhoods, is due for an update.

You can read more about the Comprehensive Plan here:

While everyone is welcome and encouraged to share their feedback for the plan (read more about that process here), a group of Eckington residents are coming together to discuss our vision for our neighborhood, which will be shared for a vote at the next ECA meeting on May 1.

This group will meet on the evening of April 17, time and location TBD. If you’d like to attend, sign up here and the organizers will contact you with more information.

The group plans on focusing on these areas & issues:

  • 5th st from MBT to RIA
  • buffering between industrial land and MBT
  • buffering between industrial land and residential
  • Industrial land in general
  • North Capital retail focus
  • FedEx site
  • Triangle between Florida, New York, & North Capital
  • How to include or encourage a broader set of activities into industrial/commercial sites like art space (or other)

You can view maps of the current Future Land Useand Policymaps for Eckington.


So if you’d like to share your feedback, sign up here – or use the form to leave comments and questions.

Run for ECA Office!

Looking for ways to get involved?

Run for office!

Eckington Civic Association board elections are Monday, December 5th.

Learn about the positions below, and email Hannah at if you’re interested.



General duties:

  • The President serves as the convener of the association and presides over all ECA meetings.
  • The President, along with all the officers, contacts and coordinates guest speakers for ECA meetings.
  • The President shall prepare final ECA meeting agendas and forward to the Recording Secretary for posting on the Eckington listserv.
  • The President responds to residents’ questions or problems when requested.
  • The President attends ANC meetings when requested.
  • The President participates in the Civic Association’s spending decisions.
  • The President, along with all the officers, provides continuity for the Succession planning process and formulates plans for his/her term by organizing the Succession planning committee.
  • The President, along with all the officers, develops action plan to further identify and add clarity to all roles and responsibilities prior to annual transition. Ensure appropriate follow up and effective transitioning of all association duties.

Special duties:

  • Preside at each meeting of the Association and of the Executive Committee;
  • Be ex officio of all committees;
  • Make committee chair appointments;
  • Develop policy statements, guidelines and procedures for the efficient operation and administration of the Association;
  • Co­sign all checks or other papers requiring the payment of money;
  • Sign or co­sign all agreements, documents, instruments, and matters that require the attest of the Association;
  • Appoint an Assistant to the Secretary, with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Vice President:

  • The Vice President assumes and accepts the responsibilities as designated by the President in his/her absence.
  • The Vice President assists the President in contacting and coordinating guest speakers for all ECA meetings.
  • The Vice President participates in the Civic Association’s spending decisions.
  • The Vice President assists the President in providing continuity for the Succession planning process and formulates plans for his/her term by organizing the Succession planning committee.
  • The Vice President assists the President in developing an action plan to further identify and add clarity to all roles and responsibilities prior to annual transition, as well as ensures appropriate follow up and effective transitioning of all association duties.
  • The Vice President performs such other duties as the President may request.

Recording Secretary:

  • The Recording Secretary is responsible for the recording and preparation of the minutes of all Civic Association meetings and for the email distribution of copies of the minutes to all other officers of the Eckington Civic Association for approval.
  • The Recording Secretary shall post the Civic Association agenda for all meetings on the Eckington listserv seven calendar days in advance of each meeting.
  • The Recording Secretary posts the minutes of Civic Association meetings to the Eckington listserv after they have been approved by a majority of the officers.
  • The Recording Secretary is responsible for maintaining records of all activities of the Association and serves as a central depository of copies of minutes and reports generated by the association.
  • The Recording Secretary may be responsible for drafting Civic Association correspondence for ECA approval, i.e., letters of support/opposition, letters requesting information, etc.
  • The Recording Secretary participates in Civic Association’s spending decisions.
  • The Recording Secretary performs such other duties as the President may request.


General duties:

  • The Treasurer participates in Civic Association’s spending decisions.
  • The Treasurer shall maintain the Association’s account(s). The Treasurer shall prepare, and the ECA officers approve, a quarterly financial report within thirty (30) days of the close of the fiscal quarter. These reports shall be public documents and shall be available for public review.
  • The Treasurer shall give a report at each Civic Association meeting and shall prepare written quarterly reports. The Treasurer must post the quarterly report on the Eckington listserv.
  • The Treasurer shall maintain the Civic Association’s accounts on a calendar year basis, beginning January 1st and ending December 31st.
  • The Treasurer must sign all quarterly reports along with the President.
  • The Treasurer shall prepare a check for all ECA­ authorized expenditures.
  • The Treasurer and the ECA President’s signature shall be required on every draft or order drawn on the bank depository.
  • The Treasurer performs such other duties as the President may request.

Special duties:

  • Have the custody of its money and maintain a proper set of books of account.
  • Maintain a checking account in the name of the Association, in a bank approved by the Executive Committee, and shall personally co­sign all checks or other papers requiring the payment of money.
  • Make all disbursements by check, under such requirements as shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
  • Perform all duties required by these By­Laws and other duties that are properly assigned by the Executive Committee.

Signature Required:

­ The Treasurer shall sign all instruments of the Association whereupon the Treasurer’s signature or co­signature is required by the United States or District of Columbia law or by these By­Laws.

Intersection Mixtape Listening Party – Saturday, November 12


On November 12, join Furthermore (led by José Ruiz, Natalie Campbell, James Huckenpahler, and Patrick McDonough) for a celebratory neighborhood listening party to play the documented sounds and stories of the communities in Bloomingdale and Eckington. Visitors to the lot will receive their own mixtapes of the city’s local sounds.

For the last month, artist collective Furthermore has collected narratives and sounds from folks in the neighborhood. Intersection Mixtape aims to both preserve what is interesting about the community and to empower residents to communicate their sense of identity and place.

Event is free and open to the public. Register to receive updates and rain date location.

When: Saturday, November 12, 12-3 pm

Where: The corner of Bates and North Capitol Streets, NW


About Crossing the Street:
This event is part of the Washington, DC city-wide Crossing the Street grant initiative. Crossing the Street is made possible through a grant from the Kresge Foundation. The initiative, taking place in select neighborhoods around the District that are experiencing rapid demographic and social change, aims is to create more locally sensitive public spaces that promote health, happiness, and neighborhood wellbeing by engaging in civic activities that capitalize on community assets.

To learn more about the project, click here.

Movie Nights on the MBT!!!

13592230_1031337186942680_8975833681732037532_nFree community movie nights on the Metropolitan Branch Trail for the month of July!

WHO: EVERYONE! Bring your blanket or chairs. Co-sponsored by Friends of Edgewood and Met Branch Trail 5K
WHERE: On the MBT under the Rhode Island Ave NE Pedestrian Bridge, near the “Big Lots” shopping center
WHEN: At dusk (8:30ish) every Thursday in July
WHAT: Thursday 7/7 – Back to the Future
7/14: Lean on Me
7/21: Inside Out
7/28: Cool Runnings

Just like last year, short films about other DC nonprofits’ good work will precede each family-friendly feature presentation.
Movies will be shown with good sound, and closed-captioning, so no one misses anything. Hope to see you by the pedestrian bridge Thursday evening around 8:30!

Important information about donation from Eckington Yards Community Benefits Agreement

At the June 6th meeting, we will vote on up to three Eckington nonprofit organizations to receive funding (a total of $15,000) from the Eckington Yards Community Benefits Agreement.

The possible organizations include:

Coalition for the Homeless, Inc (Operates Emery Work Bed Program)

District Alliance for Safe Housing, Inc. (DASH)

So Others Might Eat, operates Shalom House

Pathways to Housing DC

Regional Addiction Prevention, INC

For a description of these organizations, visit

If you would like to suggest a different organization, please email Vernon at no later than Saturday to include the organization on a voting ballot. You may write in an organization that is not on the ballot, as long as it meets the following criteria.

The organization must be must be a nonprofit organization in good/current 501c3 status, and must be an organization specifically devoted to substance abuse prevention and/or ending/combating homeliness.

The Eckington Civic Association must vote on these organizations on June 6th so that they can be specified in the documents going to the Zoning commission the following week.

Councilmember McDuffie to Host Meeting on Homeless Shelter Site

Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie will host a town hall meeting to discuss the location of the temporary homeless shelter in Ward 5.  The meeting will be held on Friday, May 27, from 6:00-8:00pm at 1251 Saratoga Avenue, NE.  The following is a message from Councilmember McDuffie’s website:

Dear Residents,

We all know that the conditions at D.C. General are simply not acceptable for the families and children that are currently housed at the site. On Tuesday, May 17, the Council voted to approve and fund a new plan for closing DC General with two new proposed sites in Ward 5. Some of you have contacted my office to voice your concerns regarding the new plan. Our office is committed to working with you to answer your questions and to discuss how we can move forward together with compassion for our most vulnerable population. I will hold a town hall meeting on Friday, May 27, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Rev. Dr. Morris L. Shearin, Sr. Community Life Center, Capital City Hall of Distinction (CCHOD) located at 1251 Saratoga Avenue, NE. I hope that you will be able to attend.

In February, Mayor Bowser proposed a plan to close D.C. General. As initially proposed the plan called for locating the Ward 5 temporary shelter at 2266 25th Place, NE. The 25th Place site presented serious challenges including its proximity to a trash transfer station, bus lots, a strip club, a night club, and freight rail tracks. Additionally, its distance from public transportation and grocery stores presented more problems. In fact, the Mayor’s proposed Ward 5 location was almost universally opposed by residents, advocates, and health professionals.

Under the new plan, the Council’s proposal provides the Mayor with two alternate locations in Ward 5: the former Metropolitan Police Department Youth Division Building located on 17th and Rhode Island Avenue, NE, and the Penn Center, located at 326 R Street, NE. Additionally, the Council’s revised proposal would save District taxpayers at least $165 million when compared to the leases initially proposed in the Mayor’s plan.

Importantly, it should be noted that I prefer the Youth Division building, especially given that it is one of the sites that was developed as a recommendation by Ward 5 residents as a result of one of the several community meetings that were held after the Mayor’s initial proposal. Our office will continue to work with the Mayor to push for the preferred location on Rhode Island Avenue to be selected and to address any concerns that might arise from the community.

I look forward to hearing your input on Friday.

In Service,