The ECA is requesting initial concepts for programs, projects, or activities that will serve Eckington residents. The ECA will consider concepts for projects within the following categories:

  • Improving the environment and health – environmental, sustainability, or health programs, projects, or services that improve the quality of life for Eckington residents
  • Promoting community engagement – programs or projects supporting community engagement and/or providing opportunities for neighbors to connect with each other
  • Supporting our youth – programs offering skill building, education, mentorship, civic engagement, or other community-building activities for Eckington youth
  • Enhancing traffic, biking, & pedestrian safety – educational or other programs promoting safety on Eckington’s roads and sidewalks

The ECA will award grants in two tiers:

  • Tier 1: $200-$500
  • Tier 2: $501-$1000

Applicants can submit a “scalable” project for consideration, indicating what may be possible with a Tier 1 grant, and additional impact that could be achieved with a Tier 2 grant.

The ECA expects to award up to $3,000 in total grants through this opportunity.

Concepts are due to the ECA by noon ET on Monday, June 6. Questions will be accepted until May 20th. After evaluation, applicants proceeding to final evaluation will be invited to present to the Civic Association at our July Meeting. For more details, please see the Request for Initial Concepts.