Highlights from our June 14 Meeting have been posted.

At this meeting, ECA members voted to approve the following:

We also flagged the following ways members can contribute:

  • Eckington Day: Saturday October 2, 2021 at Tanner Park
    • Save the date!
    • Tell your neighbors!
    • Interested in helping with planning or on the day of the event? Be in touch at eckingtoncivic@gmail.com.
  • Eckington’s nonprofit community bike shop, Gearin’Up, is looking for a new home. We are trying to assist. Please consider donating to help them with their move.

See the summary for other details about recent city budgeting, and updates from other neighborhood organizations and the Mayor’s office.

2 thoughts on “June 14 ECA Meeting Highlights

  1. I hope DDOT doesn’t agree with the weekend/federal holiday closures of Eckington Place & First Street, NE. For those who use these streets to get back into our neighborhood (and keeping in mind that the ECA is already asking that T Street (travelling westward) be turned into a one way street heading eastward), this is definitely nothing something I think is “workable”. The ECA needs to take a lot of things into consideration — not just always wanting to have things it wants and particularly when these changes greatly impact all of the residents in Eckington — not just those who are members of the ECA and those who are able to attend these monthly meetings where these kinds of suggestions are being put on the floor for a vote. Remember, there are four more residential buildings that have been built and are being leased located on Eckington Place and 3rd Street, NE, with residents that need to get to their residents as quickly as possible.

    I will personally write a letter to DDOT complaining about Item No. 3 in the plan that was voted on at the June 14, 2021 meeting.

    Joyce Harris, ECA Member


    1. It’s come to our attention that comments like this one we’re coming into the WordPress site. We have not been monitoring them, so please email us at eckingtoncivic@gmail.com in the future. Your are welcome to submit your own perspective with DDOT. One correction to your comment—the ECA did not pursue making T street one-way. ANC commissioner Pinkney and DDOT did after an incident in from the schools. We asked for an opportunity for community input, which DDOT granted.


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