Highlights from the April 12 ECA Meeting are now online.

The meeting covered planned testimony and comments on proposed developments in the neighborhood, takeaways from the ECA’s recent forum on public safety and violence prevention, and more.

We flagged three things that residents can do to help:

  1. Share key resources with neighbors
    • The “Stronger Together by Assisting You” (STAY DC) program will provide $350 million in COVID-19 relief for those at risk of not paying rent or utilities on a residence. Renters and housing providers can apply for rental and electric, gas and water bill assistance at stay.dc.gov. Applicants can call the STAY DC Call Center at 833-4-STAYDC.
    • Opportunities for youth activities: Summer Employment Program; DC Parks & Rec programs; Gearin’ Up Bicycles.
  2. Help us restart Eckington Day in 2021– first planning meeting on April 27 at 6pm (likely to be virtual, but there is a chance we’ll meet in the park). Please contact us at eckingtoncivic@gmail.com to get involved.
  3. Contact taylor.eckingtoncivic@gmail.com to join the next small group discussions on Public Safety and Violence Prevention.

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