Today, the Eckington Civic Association submitted budget requests for FY 2021 to the Mayor. The budget requests were developed with community input both online and at the civic association’s February meeting.

Because we anticipate that the city’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and associated impacts on the local economy will result in significant changes to many aspects of the city’s budget, the civic association has prioritized four requests this budget cycle:

  1. Continued funding for the Truxton Circle/Eckington violence interruption program;
  2. Additional funding for crime prevention efforts, including increasing the deployment of officers who patrol on foot or bike and installing additional permanent or temporary street cameras;
  3. Continued funding for the redesign and rebuilding of Dave Thomas Circle on the timetable announced by DDOT in the FY 2020 budget
  4. Funding to upgrade restrooms and other sanitation facilities in Eckington’s DCPS schools and at the Harry Thomas Recreation Center

The Civic Association also included longer set of requests gathered from residents prior to the coronavirus crisis. Where possible, we are asking that those items also received funding this budget cycle or be considered for appropriations as the city engages in its recovery efforts.

One thought on “ECA FY 2021 Budget Requests

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. With the virus putting demands that weren’t thought of in 2019 that have the impacted the 2020 budget, I am praying that the Mayor/City Council will be able to take into consideration these requests. The Mayor has already shared with us about the need for cuts in the 2020 budget, and most likely these cuts will carry over in the 2021 budget year as well. Praying that all the DC residents will brace themselves for the rocky road ahead of us. We will come through this. We might have to tighten our belts real tight in order to do so, but I am confident we can do it.


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