We have received some questions about possible changes to T street NE. I wanted to share what we know so far and how you can weigh in on proposed changes.  

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and ANC 5E (which includes Eckington) are proposing to convert T street NE to one-way eastbound between Lincoln Road NE and 2nd Street NE. Currently T street NE between Lincoln Rd. and Summit Place is one-way eastbound during certain hours on weekdays. You can read DDOT’s analysis here.

The proposal is supposed to address concerns about congestion on T street, especially at school pickup and drop-off times. Conditions have been so poor that there was a violent altercation between two individuals last fall, which is obviously something we want to avoid outside of a school. The current proposal would make T street one-way full time and extend the one-way portion of T street all the way to 2nd street.  DDOT’s analysis states that the change will result in increased traffic on R street NE. It will undoubtedly also make it harder for residents of NE Eckington to drive or bike westbound on local roads. 

Because this proposal will undoubtedly affect many of you, I have invited DDOT to present their plans to the community at an upcoming meeting (either at our regularly scheduled April 6 meeting or at another time). I would love for impacted residents of R Street NE, T Street NE, and northeast Eckington to have an opportunity to weigh in before a plan is finalized. 

Some of you will have seen that ANC 5E has a resolution supporting this proposal on its agenda for their meeting next Tuesday, March 17. In an ideal world, the Eckington Civic Association would help gather input from all of you before the ANC takes action. If you would like to express views regarding the merits of the T street proposal or would like to ask the ANC to hold off on this item until community input has been gathered, please contact Commissioner Pinkney at 5E04@anc.dc.gov and Commissioner Segmen at 5E03@anc.dc.gov.


Conor Shaw
Eckington Civic Association

2 thoughts on “ANC 5E & DDOT proposing to make T street one-way eastbound

  1. Bad idea, this would bring more traffic onto U Street, NE (which by the way is already getting hit with Waze diverting traffic off of RI Island). U Street is already being used more since RI is crowded with the two developments being built, as well as the tunnel project. Also people can’t turn left onto Lincoln Road (off RI). This proposal is going to lock down T St. traffic east and west bound between Lincoln Rd & 2nd St., which is also a one-way street coming off RI. The people who live on the odd numbered side of the street on T, between Summit and 2nd are going to have to use U Street as a way to get to park in front of their homes. I live on U Street and have a grandson that goes to Langley and am well aware of the incident between the crossing guard and individual who didn’t observe the “do not enter” sign with times stated very clearly as to when you could travel eastbound on T during the time schools are in session. I think there’s another way to handle the issue with people not obeying the “do not enter” signs that’s posted. Have someone from DDOT present to hand out tickets for a month or more and, see what happens then! This measure is kind of drastic, in my opinion.


  2. Someone has lost their mind. The ANC rep. Pickney doesn’t represent the are most affected by this change.


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