Looking for an opportunity to get more involved in the Eckington community? Join the Eckington Civic Association’s board! We have to say farewell to two board members who are moving away this summer, and need to find people who can take over their positions for the rest of 2018.

Interested? Email Hannah at hjputman@gmail.com

Read more about the positions below:

Treasurer – Election June 4

(a) General Duties ­
(1) The Treasurer participates in Civic Association’s spending decisions.
(2) The Treasurer shall maintain the Association’s account(s).
The Treasurer shall prepare, and the ECA officers approve, a quarterly
financial report within thirty (30) days of the close of the fiscal quarter.
These reports shall be public documents and shall be available for public
(3) The Treasurer shall give a report at each Civic Association meeting
and shall prepare written quarterly reports. The Treasurer must post the
quarterly report on the Eckington listserv.
(4) The Treasurer shall maintain the Civic Association’s accounts on a
calendar year basis, beginning January 1st and ending December 31st.
(5) The Treasurer must sign all quarterly reports along with the President.
(6) The Treasurer shall prepare a check for all ECA­authorized
(7) The Treasurer and the ECA President’s signature shall be required on
every draft or order drawn on the bank depository.
(8) The Treasurer performs such other duties as the President may

(b) Special Duties ­ The Treasurer shall perform the following duties:
(l) Have the custody of its money and maintain a proper set of books of
(2) Maintain a checking account in the name of the Association, in a bank
approved by the Executive Committee, and shall personally co­sign all
checks or other papers requiring the payment of money

(3) Make all disbursements by check, under such requirements as shall be
determined by the Executive Committee.
(4) Perform all duties required by these By­Laws and other duties that are
properly assigned by the Executive Committee.

(c) Signature Required ­ The Treasurer shall sign all instruments of the
Association whereupon the Treasurer’s signature or co­signature is required by
the United States or District of Columbia law or by these By­Laws.


Vice President – Election July 2

(a) Duties ­
(1) The Vice President assumes and accepts the responsibilities as
designated by the President in his/her absence.
(2) The Vice President assists the President in contacting and
coordinating guest speakers for all ECA meetings.
(3) The Vice President participates in the Civic Association’s spending
(4) The Vice President assists the President in providing continuity for the
Succession planning process and formulates plans for his/her term by
organizing the Succession planning committee.
(5) The Vice President assists the President in developing an action plan
to further identify and add clarity to all roles and responsibilities prior to
annual transition, as well as ensures appropriate follow up and effective
transitioning of all association duties.
(6) The Vice President performs such other duties as the President may