DC’s comprehensive plan, which defines the vision for the city and guides development for our neighborhoods, is due for an update.

You can read more about the Comprehensive Plan here: https://plandc.dc.gov/

While everyone is welcome and encouraged to share their feedback for the plan (read more about that process here), a group of Eckington residents are coming together to discuss our vision for our neighborhood, which will be shared for a vote at the next ECA meeting on May 1.

This group will meet on the evening of April 17, time and location TBD. If you’d like to attend, sign up here and the organizers will contact you with more information.

The group plans on focusing on these areas & issues:

  • 5th st from MBT to RIA
  • buffering between industrial land and MBT
  • buffering between industrial land and residential
  • Industrial land in general
  • North Capital retail focus
  • FedEx site
  • Triangle between Florida, New York, & North Capital
  • How to include or encourage a broader set of activities into industrial/commercial sites like art space (or other)

You can view maps of the current Future Land Useand Policymaps for Eckington.


So if you’d like to share your feedback, sign up here – or use the form to leave comments and questions.