On November 12, join Furthermore (led by José Ruiz, Natalie Campbell, James Huckenpahler, and Patrick McDonough) for a celebratory neighborhood listening party to play the documented sounds and stories of the communities in Bloomingdale and Eckington. Visitors to the lot will receive their own mixtapes of the city’s local sounds.

For the last month, artist collective Furthermore has collected narratives and sounds from folks in the neighborhood. Intersection Mixtape aims to both preserve what is interesting about the community and to empower residents to communicate their sense of identity and place.

Event is free and open to the public. Register to receive updates and rain date location.

When: Saturday, November 12, 12-3 pm

Where: The corner of Bates and North Capitol Streets, NW

Register: https://vanalen.secure.force.com/events/CnP_PaaS_EVT__ExternalRegistrationPage?event_id=a1Q2A000006FKR7UAO.

About Crossing the Street:
This event is part of the Washington, DC city-wide Crossing the Street grant initiative. Crossing the Street is made possible through a grant from the Kresge Foundation. The initiative, taking place in select neighborhoods around the District that are experiencing rapid demographic and social change, aims is to create more locally sensitive public spaces that promote health, happiness, and neighborhood wellbeing by engaging in civic activities that capitalize on community assets.

To learn more about the project, click here.

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